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Oxygen Regulators & Conservers

  • Roscoe Dual Lumen Conserver 3:1 ratio

    Roscoe Dual Lumen Conserver 3:1 ratio

    The Roscoe dual-lumen pneumatic conserver incorporates botha regulator and conserver in one unit with a 3:1 conservingratio. The all-in-one construction switches between continuousand conserve modes without disconnecting the unit. Thecompact aluminum...

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  • Roscoe Pediatric Regulator, 0-4 LPM

    Roscoe Pediatric Regulator, 0-4 LPM

    The Roscoe Medical Click-Style Regulators are constructed with an aluminum body and all brass core, providing patients with the ultimate inportability and safety. The Roscoe Regulator offers a reliable, high-quality regulator at an affordable price...

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  • Chad Bonsai Conserver

    Chad Bonsai Conserver

    Accomodates cylinder pressures up to 3000 psi. Contents gauge display now reads up to 4000 psi. The Bonsai OXYPneumatic Conserver provides a conservation ratio of 6:1. The new and improveddesign is 20% smaller and more compact than previous models,...

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  • Evolution OM-900 Electronic Conserver

    Evolution OM-900 Electronic Conserver

    The Evolution Electronic Conserver accommodates the inhalation ability of a wide range ofpatients offering seven liter flow settings in addition to a continuous flow setting at 2 LPM.Delivers a 5:1 savings ratio at every setting. The Evolution has a...

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  • Western Medica OPL-540 Regulator

    Western Medica OPL-540 Regulator

    OPL Regulator, CGA-540, 1/2 to 8, barbOPL Series Regulators feature an extended aluminum body with brass inlet chamber. Available with a hose barb or DISS 1240 outlet for use with humidifier. CGA-870 yoke inlet or CGA-540 nut and nipple inlet...

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