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Brain Supplements

26bredsupps.pngDale Bredesen, MD, is an internationally recognized neurodegenerative disease expert and medical innovator.
He has identified 36 metabolic and lifestyle factors that contribute to cognitive decline and has created the
ReCODE Protocol, which has been shown to improve overall brain health, function, and cognition.
His 2017 New York Times Bestseller The End of Alzheimer’s remains the definitive title on natural brain health.

Dr. Bredesen has exclusively partnered with LifeSeasons to formulate and manufacture his unique nutrient
recommendations. No other cognitive health product line provides the specific vitamin forms and ratios—optimized
for uptake in the brain and nervous system.

Everyone can benefit from the brain-boosting nutrients found in the ReCODE Protocol Core Kit.
Turbo-charge your improvement potential! Our Certified Brain Health Coach can help you decide
which additional LifeSeasons ReCODE Protocol supplements you need.

These potent, nutrient-packed formulas are available
for purchase at Easy Medical Store.

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