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EMS Units

  • InTENSity IF Combo TENS & Interferential Combo

    The InTENSity™ IF Combo combines TENS and Interferential treatment, giving you the best chance of treating patients that need something stronger than TENS therapy alone. The IF Combo has four modes of operation in both TENS and Interferential,...

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  • DI3717 with everything

    InTENSity Twin Stim III TENS & EMS Combo

    The InTENSity™ Twin Stim III combine TENS and EMS therapy in one easy-to-use digital device. When operating in TENS mode the unit has four modes and three modes when operating in EMS mode. An Industry leader at 105 mA, this device comes standard...

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  • DM6227

    Wireless TENS/EMS combo w/10 preset programs

    Small but mighty, the Wireless Mini TENS Device delivers both TENS and EMS in multiple programs at 90 mA. It is easy to use and is a very effective pain reliever. Product Features: Small and portable - 2” x 1.18” x 0.4” LCD...

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    EMS 5.0 Muscle Stim Analog Unit

    EMS 5.0 Muscle Stimulation Analog Unit

    The EMS 5.0 Muscle Stim Analog Unit is designed for personal use, however it is strong enough to be used in an office setting. The EMS unit uses electrical impulses to contract and relax muscles helping those who experience muscle tension in the upper...

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    EMS 7500 Muscle Stimulation Unit - Digital Edition

    EMS 7500 Muscle Stimulation Unit Digital Edition

    The EMS 7500 Digital Device features a patient compliance meter, three modes, safety amplitude cover, sturdy metal belt clip, rubber side railings for maximum handling and a premium silver finish. Product Features System includes device, lead wires,...

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    DS2202 Digital EMS & TENS Combo Unit

    Twin Stim TENS and EMS Combo

    Our most popular digital electrotherapy unit. The Twin Stim 2nd Edition is an exact combination of our TENS 7000 and EMS 7500, which gives the user the choice of five Modes of TENS and two Modes of EMS. Features include, dual channels, seven modes,...

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