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Activox 4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

  • Activox 4L POC case-front
  • Activox 4L POC - Standard Package
  • Activox 4L POC - top
  • Activox 4L POC case-open
  • Activox 4L POC case-closed
  • Activox 4L POC - Power On
  • Activox 4L POC - Settings Change
  • Activox 4L POC - left
  • Activox 4L POC - right
  • Activox 4L POC - straight on
  • Activox 4L POC - Control Panel
  • Activox 4L POC - Reference
We want to give you the lowest price possible! Phone 1-855-926-4367 for the lowest prices on the most suitable Portable Oxygen Concentrator Package available.

Product Description

Enjoy true freedom and mobility with the LifeChoice Activox 4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC). Super light-weight (weighing only 4.8 lbs.), portable, and most importantly – reliable. For a lifestyle with no compromises. The Activox 4L POC is the perfect portable oxygen therapy solution for active lifestyles.

The convertible bag straps enable you to wear the system in a number of ways, keeping your hands free allowing you the ability to participate in more activities with comfort and ease. Use as a backpack, shoulder bag, waist pack or briefcase. No awkward carts to drag around and no heavy tanks or refills to worry about. The LifeChoice Activox 4L POC is perfect for travel and is FAA-approved for domestic and international airline travel.

Innovative Auto Mode and Pulse-Wave Technology

The LifeChoice Activox 4L portable oxygen concentrator features powerful Auto Mode and PULSE-WAVE delivery technologies that work together to keep you saturated around the clock.

Auto Mode detects changes in your breath rate and automatically adjusts the delivery of oxygen, while the PULSE-WAVE technology delivers that oxygen to you in a manner that is congruent with your breath rate so that all of the oxygen dose is received. This type of delivery is gentle and helps minimize uncomfortable side effects associated with other forms of oxygen delivery such as dry nose and nose bleeds.

Best-In-Class Portability
LifeChoice Activox Portable Oxygen Concentrator offers the longest lasting internal battery available in a POC. Don’t compromise with your portable oxygen therapy – experience the freedom of true mobility.

  • Up to 10.25 hours of portability
  • Weighs less than 5 lbs.
  • No carts or tanks required
  • Provides up to 4 LPMeq PULSE-WAVE
  • FAA approved
  • Optional 3-hour external battery available

Weight: 4.8 lbs.

Dimensions: 9.05” x 7.875” x 4.38” (W x H x D)

Delivery: 1-4 LPMeg Pulse-Wave

Battery Life:

1 LPMeg: 10.25 hours
2 LPMeg:    8.25 hours
3 LPMeg:  5 hours
4 LPMeg:  4 hours



It’s simple to continually know the status of your LifeChoice Activox portable oxygen concentrator. And it’s a breeze to figure out alarms with the easy-to-read display screen on the control panel with plainly worded text. As an example, if you are low on battery power, the message “LOW BATTERY” is shown on the screen.  If you are charging the battery, the message “Charging Internal” or “Charging External”  is shown.

For the Lowest Price - Call Today!

Be sure to check out the Activox 4L combined with it's fully integrated stationary unit - the DUO2.
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